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Welcome to my blog

we are a family bakery business. Our family has been baking since 1945. We love talking about bakery as well as making great products and of course eating them.

By howardhunter, Nov 9 2017 02:00PM

Allied Bakeries who are manufacturers of Kingsmill announced this week that after heavy losses of tens of millions of pounds that their bread will be going up in price for grocers. Warburtons are expected to go up as well in January 2018.

By unknown, Jan 23 2016 01:58PM

When we say TOWIE we’re not talking about people from Essex with teeth whiter than white. We’re talking Eccles! More precisely Eccles Cakes – the classic round flat cake that’s made with flaky pastry, filled with delicious sweet currants and finally topped with demerara sugar has been around for almost 250 years!

This week, at Bakestone, they have started baking them in their factory that’s in the heart of Eccles, Lancashire – less than half a mile away from the original bakery that first made them.

Bakestone Bread Eccles Cakes

The original bakery was James Birch’s shop, on Church Street, in the centre of Eccles. James Birch’s shop is documented as selling small, flat raisin-filled cakes in 1793.

They were an instant worldwide hit, said to be sold at all the markets and fairs around, even being exported to America and the West Indies.

Nowadays they are still being exported all over the world. Particularly to British expats, looking to get a taste of home.


From humble roots in the heart of Eccles, they have become one of the nations favourite in the top selling cakes list.

They will always be a favourite on the cake counter.

More recently Eccles cakes have even been discussed in Parliment! Regarding whether they can still be called Eccles cakes if they aren’t made in Eccles!

Do you like Eccles Cakes? If

So you may be wondering, ‘what’s the big fuss?’ Eccles Cakes have been around for hundreds of years, yes they have, but they haven’t been made in Eccles since the 60’s. We’re bringing the famous cake back home – and we’re really passionate and proud of this.


So why buy Bakestone Eccles Cakes?

Here are just a few reasons:

They are actually made in Eccles.

They are a handy snack, you can eat them anytime.

Eat them cold or warm, great with fresh cream

Unrivalled quality with flakier pastry.

Made by hand in Eccles, Lancashire “The Home of Eccles Cakes”

We have started production today, so if you and your customer base want the closest thing to a traditional 1793 Eccles Cake please get in touch:

Joey Essex
Joey Essex
"the home of eccles cakes"
"the home of eccles cakes"
the original eccles cake shop blue plaque
the original eccles cake shop blue plaque
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