60% Of Americans Choose Bread Over Pudding

60% Of Americans Choose Bread Over Pudding

Bread has gone from a lunchtime staple to a delicious treat that is truly enjoyed and appreciated. So much so that three-fifths of Americans say they would rather tuck into a plate of good-quality bread than order a pudding when eating out.

This comes from a survey by The Harris Poll and commissioned by General Mills Foodservice, which

found over two-thirds eat more bread than they typically do when they go out to eat or order a takeaway, Bake Mag reported.

In fact, nearly three-quarters admit their meal includes bread when dining out, either as a starter or main course.

Chef Curt Wagner, who is part of General Mills Foodservice, said: “Bread and the associated carbs used to get a bad rap, but we are really seeing consumers come back to bread.”

According to the survey, 87 per cent of participants like being given a complimentary plate of fresh bread items as a starter. Indeed, more than half claim they eat more bread when dining out because of this free serving of breadsticks, garlic bread or artisan bread.

The chef recognised the public’s love for all things bread-related, saying: “It’s one of the greatest comfort foods that diners really look forward to.”

Bread is so unanimously loved that Sir Paul McCartney recently revealed one of the last conversations he had with the late John Lennon was about bread, an article in the Daily Mail revealed.

Speaking with Howard Stern, the 79-year-old said the pair reconnected over their love for baking bread, adding: “We could just talk about something so ordinary.”


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