A New Spin On Bread?

A New Spin On Bread?

Bread is one of life’s simplest staples, a central part of our diet for millennia and something millions just couldn’t get through breakfast time without. For that reason, it might seem there isn’t much new in the world of crusty loaves and buttered toast.

Then again, if there was ever a chance to put a new ‘spin’ on a daily bread delivery, it comes from a planned new bakery on the Isle of Wight.

No, it’s not the island’s crankiest resident David Icke claiming that bread is being treated with substances to turn us all into shape-shifting lizards. Instead, it is the news from the Isle of Wight County Press that a former laundrette is set to be turned into a bakery.

One can just imagine the puns: That the bread will be the whitest around, or that this is appropriate as some people like to ‘loaf’ around in a laundrette while their washing is on. The Christmas cracker joke writers will have a field day.

As it happens, the new bakery on Wootton High Street will be more than just a bakery. As well as bread, it will also make pizza and this will support the new pizza restaurant on the premises. 

It’s not just Dad jokes about washing machines and laundry that could put a new twist on bread. Even the world of computer games seems to be providing some material.

Pokemon Go’s datamine has revealed a new bread-themed Pokemon Go event is coming up, although these leaks may also suggest that it is exclusive to South Korea.

Even so, there is plenty of pun fun to have here: No doubt bread will go well with ‘Lental’ soup, but be careful not to burn the toast into ‘Oblivia’.  And no doubt, when at the bread stall people can ‘Pikachu-se’ which ones they want.

For all the dodgy plays on words, however, this just goes to show that whether it is on a small English island or far away in Korea, bread is still a central part of life almost everywhere in the world.  It may not be the most reliable source of jokes (unlike pasta, apparently), but it will always provide lots of nourishment.

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