Are Hot Cross Buns Bread Or Cake?

Are Hot Cross Buns Bread Or Cake?

Us Brits are big fans of sweet breads and love nothing better than tucking into cinnamon rolls, banana bread, teacakes, brioche, Chelsea buns, fruit loafs, and iced buns to name a few. But when it comes to hot cross buns, the question remains if you would call them bread or whether they are, in fact, cake.

Hot cross buns are actually a Roman invention, with the white cross on the top a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. This explains why shops fill their shelves with them in the lead-up to Easter, as Christians prepare for the anniversary of Jesus’s execution.

Some people mistake teacakes for being the same as a hot cross bun, but the former is actually a bread made with dried fruits and sometimes orange peel. Hot cross buns, on the other hand, have additional sugar, butter, milk and spices.

They are, therefore, much sweeter, traditionally containing raisins and cinnamon, although now they can be found in a variety of different flavours, from salted caramel to apple crumble. This lends itself to the notion they are cakes to be enjoyed with a cup of tea, rather than just bread.

What’s more, lots of people like to add a topping to their buns, whether that’s a dollop of melting butter, some sweet honey or tangy marmalade.

So while the recipe involves yeast, kneading, and rising, like other breads, they are “more like miniature cakes”, as Woman’s World states, thanks to being “loaded with refined carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fat”.

Of course, how sweet or calorific the buns are depends on the flavour and toppings you choose, but either way, they are certainly worth enjoying this Easter.


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