Are You Getting Enough Fibre This Fibre February?

Are You Getting Enough Fibre This Fibre February?

To help encourage people to eat more fibre, a nationwide campaign has been launched this month by flour milling industry body UK Flour Millers, with the aim being to show that you don’t need to make big dietary changes in order to reap the benefits of increasing your fibre intake.

The Fibre February campaign takes place every year, first launched back in 2017, designed to encourage us all to make a few small swaps, whether that’s changing recipes to feature wholemeal flour or opting for wholemeal or seeded bread, or bread made from a mixture of white and wholemeal.

We need fibre to help ensure our digestive systems work as they should, but it can also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and promote healthy gut bacteria. It’s also possible that a fibre-rich diet can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Other sources of dietary fibre include wholegrain cereals, berries, pears, melons and oranges, broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn, peas, beans and pulses, nuts and seeds, and potatoes with the skin still on them.

According to the NHS, most people need to get more fibre in their diet and government guidelines say dietary fibre intake should be 30g a day for adults, as part of a healthy balanced diet. But the majority of adults only eat an average of around 18g a day, so it seems there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Have a think about what you eat each day – no doubt you could find ways to increase your fibre intake quite easily with just a few little swaps here and there.

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