Becks Backs Bread

Becks Backs Bread

There are absolutely no people on this planet who are more fashion conscious than the Beckhams. Once a couple who were respectively famous for being a brilliant footballer in a superb team and a singer in a girl band that was… well marketed, the couple have long been a celebrity brand in their own right.

For that reason, anyone with the remotest interest in getting a daily bread delivery may be pleased to hear that Victoria Beckham is a fan.

In an interview published by OK! Magazine last week, she revealed her favourite food is wholegrain toast, although perhaps her topping choice of a bit of salt is a tad eccentric. Clearly “Spice up your Life” was just a song title and not a culinary habit.

Even so, bread itself may seem an unusually mundane staple for someone whose dietary habits often been a matter of speculation, given her much commented upon skinny figure. It is neither posh nor spicy.

“I like whole grain toast with salt on it. It’s that carbohydrate that makes you feel comforted and I love salt,” she explained, adding that she must be the “worst nightmare” for some restaurants with her plain tastes. That may well be true, given that normally it would be a dream for someone who could spend as much as they like on food to pay a visit.

Ultimately, however, it may just be reassuring that something as simple as a humble slice of bread is still part of the diet of people who can be as sophisticated and alternative as they like.

Other famous people who can be content with a crusty slice include the recently retired UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov . Sportskeeda recently reported that in an interview the Russian had revealed he’d often be happy eating no more than bread and water, in homage to his humble origins in a Dagestan village.

Indeed, despite with all the millions he has earned in Mixed Martial Arts, he acknowledged: “Even when you become rich and famous, it doesn’t matter because you cannot eat more than one bread in one day.”

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