Bread Joins The Battle For The Environment

Bread Joins The Battle For The Environment

With Britain baking in an unprecedented heatwave, the issue of the environment is very much on people’s minds just now. For this reason, it is good to know that something as simple as a wholesale bread delivery can be part of the solution.

Alongside the issue of global warming, there is also concern about plastic pollution but, reports Plastics in Packaging, one brand has responded to this by supplying its bread in compostable bags. 

Earth & Wheat is a firm that sets out to cut food waste, by selling bread that would normally be because of overproduction or, in the great tradition of the misshapen banana or carrot, not meet ‘appearance standards’. 

Its ‘wonky’ bread is getting its own wonky bread box, consisting of KM Packaging’s C-bag, which is home compostable. Not only is the bread still finding its way to kitchen tables, but the packaging won’t be adding to the mountains of plastic ending up in the ground, in waterways and ultimately floating or sinking in the oceans.

Such initiatives may encourage other bread manufacturers to up their game, especially when it comes to packaging. Keeping bread fresh is crucial, but clearly there are prices people and the planet would be better off not paying.

In the meantime, the effects of anthropocentric global warming are already evident, so we should all make the most of it by having a BBQ.

Of course, that can involve some slightly excessive calories, but the Daily Mail has provided some advice in a piece on how to ensure the porkers don’t pile on the pounds, which extends to the right things to encase these meaty treats in.

This included rolling up more meat into less roll and using lower calories rolls, with Warburton’s named as a good option for this.

Of course, there may just be a few other elements involved in making a BBQ fattening, from the meat used to the use of mayo, not to mention all the sugary or alcoholic drinks that may accompany it, all of which will have few health benefits compared to bread.

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