Bread Steak’ Recipe Sparks Amusement From Readers

Bread Steak’ Recipe Sparks Amusement From Readers

When food writer David Tamarkin recently posted a recipe for fresh toast that he dubbed ‘bread steak’ recently, baffled readers instantly took to social media in amusement and confusion.

The recipe, posted on haute cuisine website Bon Appetit, was described by Tamarkin as ‘a slab of something absolutely lavish’ on his plate, as an alternative for steak, which he had recently given up for environmental reasons.

He explained that cauliflower steak just wasn’t cutting the mustard for home, and “instead, my carnivore’s palate led me to the Bread Steak. A custard-soaked, Parmesan-crusted chunk of sourdough – essentially savoury French toast – that really is decadent in the vein of a rib eye”.

His description of the pan-roasted toast read: “It’s fatty. It’s salty. And if you do it right, it’s downright meaty.

Then recipe will be familiar to anyone who’s made French toast before, combining eggs, milk, and salt, before soaking a thick cut piece of sourdough, then roasting it in a pan, covering it with grated parmesan, and a sprinkling of sugar.

The end result, he said, is “browned and crusty on the outside and, just like a perfectly cooked piece of beef, reveals a tender centre when cut open”.

However, social media commenters were bemused and amused, saying that Tamarkin and Bon Appetit shouldn’t have described it in any other way than simply toast.

“Sorry but absolutely not, this is just toast, I’m not having it,” writer Mollie Goodfellow wrote in a tweet that has since been liked more than 4,800 times.

Another commenter said it was the ‘worst grilled cheese I’ve ever seen’.

Others were outraged by the term ‘bread steak’, with someone else tweeting: “I do not know why the term ‘bread steak’ is making me violently angry but here we are.”

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