Bready, Set, Cook!

Bready, Set, Cook!

Bread isn’t just for sandwiches and toast, you know… it can be used for so many different and delicious treats. While you can’t beat a nice slice of buttered toast, sometimes you might want to venture out and try something new – so here are a few suggestions to help you do just that

Pizza Toast

Pizza toast is a great way to spice up your favourite snack. Topping bread with tomato paste, some of your favourite cheese and any other extras you fancy, such as peppers, onions, ham or even chicken is a delicious way to get more out of your slice of bread. Grill until bubbly and enjoy!



Nothing beats a nice, crunchy crouton to top off salad or soup. While you may be used to the store-bought variety, it’s actually really easy to make your own! Cut bread into chunky cubes, drizzle with oil and season to taste and bake on low until crispy and golden brown. 



Panzanella is a delicious Italian bread salad that uses ciabatta bread. Combine chunks of bread, tomatoes, olives, peppers, capers and olive oil to create this deliciously filling salad. You could also include any other favourite salad ingredients to make it your own.


Bread Sauce

A staple on a Sunday dinner, bread sauce is a delicious way to use up leftover bread. You can make your own creamy condiment and elevate your next roast. 


Bread And Butter Pudding

Take a trip to the sweet side and make bread and butter pudding. This classic sweet treat is easy to make and deliciously simple. You can even experiment with different flavours by adding fruits, chocolate, spices or even a dash of whiskey for a boozy twist. 


French Toast

A solid breakfast favourite, French toast gives pancakes a run for their money. Soak bread in a creamy, sweet and spicy egg mixture and pan fry for the perfect crunchy but deliciously soft bite. 

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