Brits Urged Not To Panic Buy For Second Lockdown

Brits Urged Not To Panic Buy For Second Lockdown

The panic buying that accompanied the first nationwide lockdown in the UK earlier this year saw many supermarkets with empty shelves and limiting the number of items customers were allowed to buy to help ensure everyone could pick up what they needed.

As England moves into its second lockdown, which is due to last until at least 2 December, those from the UK’s bakery trade bodies have been urging shoppers to be sensible.

Bakery Info shared a statement from the Federation of Bakers, which represents many of the UK’s biggest bread and bakery companies. The organisation stressed that its members are “confident” that they will be able to continue to supply bread and other baked goods to consumers as normal.

Gordon Polson, chief executive of the Federation of Bakers, commented: “We are not expecting any disruption to the production and distribution of bread and baked goods.”

Meanwhile, the Craft Bakers Association (CBA) told the publication that it is also confident its members will survive this latest lockdown.

Karen Dear, CBA director of operations, said that the bakery sector had “shown great resilience so far this year”, adding that she expects this to continue.

Ahead of Boris Johnson’s announcement on Saturday 31 October, the Mirror revealed that there were large queues and people panic buying all manner of food in supermarkets around the country.

There were also large queues of shoppers spotted at retail outlets that have had to close their doors under the latest lockdown.

Retailers can rest assured that our wholesale bread delivery is continuing as normal. While we’re all hoping to avoid a return to the panic buying that characterised the first lockdown, we’re ready to support retailers in meeting demand.

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