Celebrity Baker Uses Bread In Weight-Loss Diet

Celebrity Baker Uses Bread In Weight-Loss Diet

Every baker knows that bread is good for you, but one of the most famous in the land has put the humble loaf at the heart of a successful dietary regime that has seen his weight plunge.

Paul Hollywood is known to TV viewers as one of the judges on the Great British Bake-Off, so he knows all about what makes a great oven-baked product.

However, the Daily Mirror reports, he decided he needed a diet after having a few too many slices of cake himself during the first lockdown last year and piling on the pounds.

The 55-year-old switched to a diet of soup and bread along with boiled eggs and soldiers in a bid to get back in trim, supplemented with increased exercise. He told the paper his efforts have been successful as he has lost more than a stone.

“Every morning I have a couple of eggs from the farm down the road and I make my own toast,” he explained.

“So, it’s chucky eggs and soldiers and then in the evening I may have another slice of bread with tomato soup.”

Mr Hollywood said that with no alcohol, he is keeping his dietary intake down to around 1,100 calories a day.

His co-presenter on the show Pru Leith said she wished she could manage to lose a stone in weight in the same way.

All this shows that getting a daily bread delivery could play a key role in getting onto a successful diet, provided you stay off the sweet treats and booze.

The key to having a healthy diet involving bread is to combine it with the right amount of other foods and being active, the Federation of Bakers has said.

It recommends combining bread with a lot of fruit and vegetables, as well as smaller amounts of protein foods like meat, eggs and dairy, and low levels of sugar and fat.

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