Chips In Bread – What Do You Call It?

Chips In Bread – What Do You Call It?

If 2020 has taught us anything is that our differences should be celebrated, and not the cause of division. But one subject of fierce debate for many years is what name we give to the bread we fill with chips, and while Britain might now have spoken, it’s sure to cause arguments for many years to come.

So, is it a chip cob, chip barm, chip roll, chip butty, or even a chip sandwich, or something completely different? Take away food app, Foodhub surveyed 2,000 chip lovers across the UK to find out the answer, reports the Metro.

The nation has spoken, and now, for the first time, we have the correct name for this carbohydrate loaded delight.

Chippy connoisseurs the length and breadth of the land were surveyed, and 58 per cent of the nation – four times more than any other option – say that chips served in a bread roll should be called… (drum roll, please) a chip butty!

Second to that, with a mere 11 per cent of the vote was chip roll, followed by chip sandwich with 6 per cent, chip bap with 5.75 per cent, chip barm with 4.85 per cent, and chip cob with 4 per cent.

As expected, there were regional differences in opinion, such as in the North West, where there was only 2 per cent between chip butty and chip barm.

In the capital, Londoners preferred chip butty, but chip roll was a favourite with over one in five people. In the East Midlands, around Leicester and Nottingham, while chip butty took the most votes, chip cob was a close second with almost three in every ten people opting for that title.

Do you agree, or is the debate going to rage on for years to come with your chip butty eating comrades? Now, all we need to solve is whether you put your jam or cream first on your scone, and let’s not even get into the scone pronunciation debate!

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