Co-op Introducing Fibre-Enriched Bread To Its Sandwich Range

Co-op Introducing Fibre-Enriched Bread To Its Sandwich Range

Retailer Co-op has announced that it will be using fibre-enriched bread for its range of pre-made sandwiches going forward.

The Grocer reported on the news, noting that this shift will increase the amount of fibre per 100g by up to 100 per cent in the bread used in its food-to-go range. On average, it will mean a 66 per cent increase in fibre content across the range as a whole.

Co-op is adding wheat fibre to its standard bread recipe to increase the fibre content, the news provider added.

Bryonie Hollaert, Co-op diet and health manager, explained why the retailer had decided to make the changes to its bread recipe. “There’s evidence for a wide range of health benefits of fibre, so we’re pleased to announce this industry-first move that will help our members and customers with their fibre consumption,” she stated.

It’s recommended that adults have 30g of fibre in their diet each day. However, the latest National Diet & Nutrition Survey revealed that just 7.5 per cent of adults in the UK are meeting this target.

As an article for NDTV News reported earlier this year, a new study has found that increasing your fibre intake could help reduce the risk of suffering from depression, particularly among premenopausal women.

The researchers followed 5,800 women of varying ages and recorded their daily fibre intake, revealing that higher fibre intake reduced the risk of younger women, although there didn’t seem to be such a marked difference for post-menopausal women.

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