Could Climate Crisis Kybosh Ketchup-Covered Crusts?

Could Climate Crisis Kybosh Ketchup-Covered Crusts?

For many people, there is nothing better to start the day than a full English breakfast, unless they live in Scotland, in which case they will add a bit of haggis to make it a full Scottish.

Either way, alongside the egg, sausage, beans and bacon will invariably be some toast and, more often than not, a great dollop of ketchup.

All this will get plenty of people drooling. A good slice of Warburton’s freshly toasted and combined with some egg and ketchup is many people’s idea of a heavenly breakfast.

However, the hellish prospect of a world without ketchup apparently looms, and all because of climate change. Forget the worries about storms, heatwaves, forest fires, rising sea levels and plagues of insects; this is where things get really bad.

The reason is that global warming is expected to impact global tomato production, reducing supply and restricting varieties.

Mercifully, this is not quite an imminent dystopia; the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is forecasting a six per cent fall in production by 2050, so we are not quite at the bottom of the bottle yet. Nonetheless, it warns us that future generations may need something else with their toast.

It may be that right now there is a short-term surge in the popularity of marmalade, since we now know it is a bread topping that is beloved of both the Queen and Paddington Bear, which is as good as endorsement as it gets. But whether that will survive her reign is far from certain.

The good news is that bread is something we will still have even if climate change gets worse, so morning toast will still be available on the breakfast menu, whatever we end up putting on it.

Who knows, maybe today’s ketchup lovers may even come to terms with having brown sauce instead.

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