Craft Bread Sales Increase By A Third Over Past Year

Craft Bread Sales Increase By A Third Over Past Year

Speciality bread suppliers have reported that bread sales have increased significantly over the past according to figures from an industry body.

The Craft Bakers Association reported that sales for kinds of bread have increased by 31 per cent, and whilst the market for loaves continues to be dominated by white bread, almost a third of all sales consisted of what was described as “healthy” bread in the survey.

Speciality breads, in general, had risen in popularity, with almost all craft bakers (95 per cent) either already including a sourdough or multi-seed loaf as part of their product line or plan to introduce one at some point in the next 12 months.

These statistics reflect a general resurgence of public interest in bread over the past year, as many people decided to give baking a try or set up a sourdough starter.

Regardless of how long the interest in home baking lasted, the desire for higher quality, freshly made and more unique loaves has struck a chord and led to bakers enjoying not only better sales but for a more diverse range of products than ever before.

The one area where there is even great room for expansion is gluten-free bread. Currently, few smaller craft bakers provide gluten-free bread due to the unique difficulties in avoiding cross-contamination, given that gluten is readily found in the wheat used to make bread.

This is vital, as many people who rely on gluten-free foods cannot tolerate even small amounts of gluten, such as those with coeliac disease.

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