Debate Sparks Over Complimentary Bread Etiquette

Debate Sparks Over Complimentary Bread Etiquette

Social media brings with it some fierce and difficult debates, especially when it comes to bread, but one controversial bread opinion brought with it one of the most one-sided polls in social media history.

Many restaurants offer a complimentary basket or plate of bread, often acquired from speciality bread suppliers. This, alongside butter, salt, pepper and a bottle of water, are almost an expected part of any restaurant visit.

One user on Twitter, however, believed that it was tacky to start eating the complimentary loaf as soon as it arrived, and put this controversial opinion to the vote.

After over 360,000 votes, however, it was clear that the answer was overwhelmingly a “no” from fellow social media users, with just 3 per cent agreeing.

Plenty of reasons were offered as to why, such as some loaves arriving fresh and warm and thus only being at their best for around five minutes, as well as the simple fact that the complimentary bread was offered to the table for a reason.

A lot of restaurants will replenish the bread on request as an amuse-bouche, a free small dish that works as an appetiser throughout a meal, and serves so many purposes that it is almost an inevitability that the breadbasket will be refilled at least once throughout a three-course meal.

The user took the somewhat substantial backlash in her stride, however, recommending having a meal before the meal if you cannot wait five minutes to reach for the bread, before posting a satirical apology the next day.

Needless to say, however you eat your bread, the most important rule is to enjoy it.

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