Fear Not, We Have Enough Bread

Fear Not, We Have Enough Bread

With Easter almost upon us and the traditional consumption of hot cross buns likely to be a big part of the culinary aspect of the festival, bread is pretty central to the weekend ahead.

After all, some folk will be reverently marking the death and resurrection of the one who said “I am the bread of life,” while many will simply be getting their sandwiches ready for a few days out.

That’s why it’s important that your bread company delivery is something you can always rely upon.

However, with Russia and Ukraine at war, some have wondered if a big bread problem is brewing. According to Worlds Top Exports, in 2020 a quarter of global wheat exports came from the two countries.

Indeed, this has led to a big row between clean transport lobby group Transport and Environment (T&E) and the EU’s renewable ethanol producers’ association ePURE.

T&E produced a report last month claiming the ethanol makers were cashing in on higher oil prices by promoting biofuel production at the expense of food, claiming this could lead to shortages on the shelves. It stated: “Europe burns the equivalent of 15 million loaves of bread every day to power our cars”.

In response, ePURE rejected this notion, stating that while it has publicly highlighted the role ethanol producers played in producing biofuel, that did not mean it was going to leave Europe short of bread. It pointed to a recent EU report on its agriculture sector stating that for the near future there is plenty of surplus supply of wheat to ensure an abundance of biofuels and bread alike.

Now Britain is no longer in the EU, this might at first seem like someone else’s argument. But the fact is all the countries of Europe, whether they fly the blue starry flag or not, have imported lots of wheat from a region where farming and exporting is currently a challenging matter to say the least.

For now, however, it seems all is well. People can enjoy their bread at Easter, when not devouring chocolate eggs, of course.

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