Flora Reveals Brits’ Sandwich Secrets

Flora Reveals Brits’ Sandwich Secrets

A study conducted by margarine brand Flora has revealed the UK’s sandwich-making habits, with 41 per cent saying that a single slice of bread with ingredients placed on top can be classed as a sandwich, and 22 per cent believing that bread doesn’t even need to be involved in order for it to be a sandwich.

Wales Online reports that the research has shown that white (14 per cent) and wholemeal bread (12 per cent) are the next most popular sandwich breads, and 19 per cent say their favourite sandwich is made using a French baguette.

The darling of the lockdown bakers, sourdough, was only found to be good for sandwiches by a mere 4 per cent of respondents.

35 per cent say they have a guilty pleasure sandwich they won’t admit to anyone else. Fish finger sandwiches make up 24 per cent of these, hash browns 14 per cent, and bananas 13 per cent. However, some of the strangest sandwich fillings include doughnuts, chocolate mini rolls and pot noodles.

Sandwich connoisseurs say that the perfect sandwich begins with bread (90 per cent), a layer of butter or margarine (68 per cent), which must be spread right to the edge of the bread slice, according to 54 per cent of respondents, followed by two pieces of meat or a vegan/veggie alternative (42 per cent), then two pieces of cheese (or vegan equivalent), and salad.

The lockdown has also changed our sandwich habits with 48 per cent of Brits making more sandwiches at home since the pandemic started, and 10 million Brits choosing margarine as their preferred spread for a healthier option.

As for geography, Southampton is the sandwich-making capital of the country, with people in the city making sandwiches on 261 days of the year. Comparatively, Brighton residents are the most sandwich shy, making them on only 186 days per year.

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