FOB Promotes Nutritional Value Of Bread

FOB Promotes Nutritional Value Of Bread

The Federation of Bakers (FOB) is releasing a campaign to promote the nutritional content of bread, reminding consumers of all the benefits of tucking into their morning toast or lunchtime sandwich.

Bread remains a firm favourite on the grocery list, with 96 per cent of shoppers having purchased it in the last month. This is the same as everyone eating 60 loaves to themselves every year.

This is likely to be down to how versatile the product is, being able to eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack, and with a multitude of toppings or fillings.

The FOB, using data from a review by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), also reported that it is a great source of nutrition.

Chief executive of the FOB Gordon Polson said: “It’s vital that we educate everyone about the range of nutrients all bread delivers – from protein and fibre to vitamins and minerals. Providing so much more than just energy, bread has something to offer almost everyone – which is why it has held a special place in the diet of the nation for many years.”

For instance, it provides up to a fifth of carbohydrate consumption, and ten to 12 per cent of protein intake among consumers. It is also a great source of fibre, particularly wholemeal bread; contributes 12 to 17 per cent of calcium intake and nine to 14 per cent of folate in our diet; it also contributes 15 to 17 per cent of iron consumption across different age groups.

The BNF’s new review will play an important role in its Healthy Eating Week @ Home Event, which takes place between June 22nd and 28th. This is being launched to encourage more people to eat “healthy, sustainable diets”.

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