From Calamity To Communism: Leicestershire’s Bread Misadventures

From Calamity To Communism: Leicestershire’s Bread Misadventures

Few things are more welcome at a store than a wholesale bread delivery; all that lovely fresh crusty stuff ready to fill the shelves and ensure shoppers can stock up on all they need for their morning toast and lunchtime sandwiches.

However, this routine event did not go so smoothly in Leicestershire last month, where an accident saw a bread lorry shed its load across the main road in Melton Mowbray, the Leicester Mercury reports.

The mishap attracted plenty of crusty puns from locals. It began with one member of the neighbourhood watch Facebook stage asking: “Has anyone seen them this morning… just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating at 4am! It’d be a ‘loaf’ off my mind if they have.”

This comment set off an avalanche of puns that were almost as bad as the prospect of a soft boiled egg without soldiers. One said: “Oh crumbs this is so funny,” while another urged people to “Just roll with it guys”.

Unfortunately, just rolling with it doesn’t seem to be on many people’s agendas in Leicestershire just now, especially in the City of Leicester itself.

Responding to reports of crusts left out for the feathered population of the Rushey Mead district, council officers removed them and posted an online warning to residents not to feed the birds with bread. They also said a sign warning people not to feed the birds would be erected and morning patrols would enforce the rules.

Among those unimpressed was Andrew Bridgen, MP for nearby Leicestershire North West. He told the Daily Mirror: “It’s like communist China, stopping you feeding the birds. Big Brother is watching in Leicester when you are feeding the birds, it seems.”

Others pointed out that bread is actually quite unhealthy for birds, which is true; the RSPB recommends things like seeds, nuts and even rice instead.

Either way, it is perhaps as well it was only a few slices in Rushey Mead. One can only imagine what the reaction would have been if the Melton Mowbray incident had happened there.

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