Grilling Bread The Grylls Way

Grilling Bread The Grylls Way

With Boris lifting the remaining Covid restrictions in England and winter almost at an end, it may seem like pandemic anxiety is not something we will face much in the months ahead. But, just in case, there is always bread.

Of course, things like a daily bread delivery have been a reassuring feature of many lives and business routines during these very stressful, disturbing and often deadly times. But once one has some bread to hand, there is much more that can be done to ease the strains, the Shropshire Star reports.

The paper has featured a new initiative in the Dee Valley in the Welsh Marches aimed at getting people to “channel their inner Bear Grylls”, which, one may be pleased to know, involves toasting bread over an open fire, rather than foraging for invertebrates you never knew were edible.

A six-day event run by South Denbighshire Community Partnership will take place at Corwen and Llangollen from February 28th, teaching local folk bushcraft and other survival skills. Jamie Corry of the Wild Bushcraft company will be showing how to make unleavened Bannock Bread on an open fire.

He remarked: “It’s delicious and very easy but first you have to make your fire with sparks from a flint and the bark from silver birch which is full of volatile oils and soon catches light.”

Of course, with so many storms taking place of late many folk won’t be thinking about being outdoors too much, although on the plus side it won’t be hard to find loose wood to build a fire with.

However, as the weather starts to warm up in the spring, the idea of being outdoors on a pleasant sunny afternoon with the smell of toasted bread in the air could provide a great feeling of escape from the grim times of the last couple of years.

Unless your name is Gwyneth Paltrow, such a post-pandemic prospect is bound to be an enticing one.

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