Healthy Eating Week: June 22nd-28th

Healthy Eating Week: June 22nd-28th

A new virtual event has been launched by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to help encourage people of all ages to participate in key health challenges, with the aim being to further knowledge and understanding of healthy eating and how this relates to wellbeing, as well as the benefits of cooking and physical activity.

The Healthy Eating Week @ Home event will take place between June 22nd and 28th, a new online alternative to the organisation’s annual Healthy Eating Week, which is typically held in schools and workplaces this month.

There are seven daily health challenges that make up this year’s event: eat well, eat more wholegrains, have five a day, drink plenty, move more, be mind kind (help a friend or neighbour) and make a change.

Last year saw over 4,770 nurseries and schools take part in the event, as well as 2,100 workplaces and universities. But, of course, the 2020 campaign is being held in the midst of a pandemic, so the BNF has made a few changes to ensure that the event can take place remotely, with looking after our health and diet more important now than ever before.

“BNF’s vision is to ensure that everyone can access healthy, sustainable diets, and BNF Healthy Eating Week plays a huge part in helping us towards this goal.

“Over the past few months, we’ve spent a lot of time considering the different options for how we can practically – and safely – run BNF Healthy Eating Week this year,” managing director and head of education with the BNF Roy Ballam said.

The BNF has also just updated a review into the role of bread in diet, highlighting how important it is for health and wellbeing, contributing to daily intakes of carbohydrates, protein, fibre, calcium, iron and more – something you may like to focus on and ensure your customers are aware of.

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