Hovis Launches Immunity Boosting Bread

Hovis Launches Immunity Boosting Bread

Hovis has responded to consumer demands for sprouted grains and healthier foods by launching Glorious Grains, a sliced loaf baked with seven different types of sprouted whole grains, including rye, wheat, spelt, oats, barley, buckwheat and teff.

British Baker reports that the bread also contains natural sources of copper, minerals including magnesium and phosphorus, and vitamin B1. It follows the launch of premium sourdough and seeded loaves in 2018, and a month after the launch of Hovis’ Fabulous Fibre, a high-fibre option aimed at improving gut health.

“Having listened to consumer demands, we are excited to launch our delicious new Glorious Grains loaf, which contains minerals and vitamin B1 and helps to support the immune system,”  said  Nina Shanahan, head of marketing for Hovis

Shanahan added that Glorious Grains was a fantastic addition to the health-focused range, including the recently launched Fabulous Fibre to help consumers achieve a high-fibre diet, without compromising on taste.

The baker had also said it had been working hard to tackle hunger and food waste by donating to FareShare, the UK’s largest and longest-running food distribution charity. By the beginning of July 2020, Hovis had donated nearly 100,000 loaves via FareShare.

At the end of 2019, Hovis signed up to the Trade Union Congress’ (TUC) ‘Dying to Work’ charter in a bid to more effectively support employees affected by terminal illness.

Hovis Glorious Grains and Hovis Fabulous Fibre will be available on supermarket shelves in July.

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