How The Humble Malt Loaf Became A Cult British Product

How The Humble Malt Loaf Became A Cult British Product

One of the most popular British teatime snacks is a slice of malt loaf. It’s chewy, sticky, and delicious, either on its own or buttered. What’s more, it’s a cake that’s actually pretty good for you! So how did this simple food become such a favourite with sporty types and cake lovers around the country?

It is thought that the first versions were made in Scotland around 1890, although the exact origins remain unknown. The most famous version of the cake is made by Soreen, which first began production in Manchester in 1939, and they continue to process over one million loaves every week at their factory in Trafford Park.

The product is made unique by its malt extract ingredient, which gives it that squidgy texture and dark colour. Malt is a good source of energy and B vitamins, and also contains minerals and amino acids. 

It is made from barley grain that has been soaked and allowed to germinate, and then dried out. This process allows the starches to convert to sugar. The grain is then mashed to extract the sugars. This produces a syrupy substance known as malt extract, which is what gives the cake its unique sticky texture and naturally sweet flavour.

A small amount of dried fruit is also added to the malt loaf to give it extra natural sugars. Because it is so filling and low in fat, it is an excellent healthier alternative to more traditional sweet baked goods. It is also packed with complex carbohydrates, which release energy slowly, making it perfect for active people.

 Many people will remember the distinctive yellow greaseproof wrapper of the Soreen malt loaf from their childhood, as parents found it was a great teatime snack for their kids. The company was first established in Manchester by a Danish man named John Rahbek Sorensen, and is still going strong eighty years later.

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