How To Keep Your Speciality Bread Fresher for Longer

How To Keep Your Speciality Bread Fresher for Longer

Bread is best eaten fresh. Ideally, it is best eaten the day it is baked. However, for many reasons, people are unlikely to munch on an entire loaf of bread in a single day unless they are part of a large family, so after a few days, it can become stale and nowhere near as nice as it was.

With speciality bread loaves, this is a bigger problem, as many of the preservatives that are in regular loaves to keep them fresh for as long as possible are not used in a lot of artisan and speciality bread, so they tend to go stale a lot quicker.

Here are some tips for keeping that fresh taste for longer.


A Bread Box is a Must

A classic solution, the right bread box, which traps moisture but also being breathable enough to allow some of it to escape allows your bread to keep for three to four more days.


Reusable Bread Bags

Bread bags have become exceptionally popular lately, with reusable cotton bags even being introduced into supermarkets as an alternative to plastic wraps.

In terms of maintaining freshness, either a plastic food bag or a cotton bag works, but to keep the crust nice and firm a cotton bag works significantly better.


Freeze It

Like with many perishable foods, freezing is an option to keep them fresher for longer, providing you freeze it on the day it was baked.

It can even be frozen in the bag it comes in, although wrapping it in freezer paper or foil can help with freshness if you plan on freezing it for a long time. Once thawed out completely it still tastes fresh.

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