Is Sourdough Bread Better For You?

Is Sourdough Bread Better For You?

Sourdough bread has seen a big revival over the past few years, and it is particularly delicious toasted with salted butter! But is it a healthy option?

Sourdough bread was one of the most googled recipes during the lockdowns of 2020, as everyone turned their hand to baking or DIY to fill their days. First things first, what exactly is sourdough bread?

It is different from regular bread because it hasn’t had yeast – dried or fresh – added to it. Instead, it uses natural or wild yeast that lives in the air to make it rise.

To make sourdough bread, instead of buying baker’s yeast, you need to begin with a ‘sourdough starter’, which is a mixture of fermented flour and water that has captured natural yeast from the air.

The tasty tanginess of sourdough comes from naturally occurring lactobacilli bacteria, which produces lactic acid. But are there any health benefits alongside those taste benefits?

The prebiotic in sourdough is in the form of fibre that we can’t digest, but the healthy bacteria in our gut that helps us digest our food can digest the fibre, getting nutrients out of it.

Sourdough bread made with wholemeal flour will also have a lower glycemic index than white or wholemeal bread, meaning that the blood glucose levels rise less two hours after eating sourdough than with other breads. This means it might be helpful to manage blood glucose in people with type-2 diabetes.

It’s thought that the fermentation process involved in making the rising agent for sourdough changes the structure of the starch in the bread, so we digest it more slowly and prevent blood sugar spiking.

So yes, sourdough bread could be a healthy option, but as always, it must be in the context of your portion size and a diet that has a good mixture of different plant-based sources. Man cannot live on bread alone. Or even delicious toasted sourdough with salty butter, unfortunately!

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