Kingsmill Launches New ‘Fusion’ Loaves

Kingsmill Launches New ‘Fusion’ Loaves

Popular bread producers Kingsmill have launched two new innovative loaves. Inspired by the growing health awareness among consumers, the new breads will combine softness with healthy wholegrain and seeds. They are designed to appeal to families who are looking for easy everyday options for a healthier lifestyle.

Kingsmill 50/50 No Bits Multi-Seed are baked with milled seeds, including sunflower, linseed, and oats, with a flour base of 50:50 white and wholemeal. This provides a soft bread with all the health benefits of seed fibre and protein, but without the whole seeds, which some people find messy or difficult to chew and digest.

For those who like the crunch of seeds but prefer the 50:50 white and wholemeal mix, Kingsmill have produced the 50/50 Multi-Seed, which is made with linseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, a great source of omega 3.

Seeded breads are now the fastest growing sales trend, with 239 million sold each year, at an annual growth rate of 11.4%, according to The majority of these seeded loaves are baked from a white flour base, so the new Kingsmill range is designed to add extra health benefits with a wholemeal mix.

Matthew Cullum, marketing director at Kingsmill, comments: “Health is a major driving trend in bread, with shoppers looking for easy everyday options to make that healthy switch.  Nutritionists agree that as a nation we should be eating more wholegrain – and that’s where our latest innovation comes in.”

The brand has recently partnered with NHS doctor Emily Andre, in order to promote the benefits of consuming vitamin D, which can become deficient in the body during the winter months.

Food fortified with vitamins and minerals has been in higher demand than usual this year, when most of us have been spending far more time than we would in normal circumstances at home.

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