Life Hack For Keeping Sliced Bread Fresher For Longer

Life Hack For Keeping Sliced Bread Fresher For Longer

We all know that you can’t beat the convenience of sliced bread. It’s great for busy families and working professionals alike. However, one of the downsides is that it doesn’t tend to stay as fresh for as long as a full loaf.

You might be able to change that with one simple switch in how you store your bread. The Sun recently shared what it describes as the “life hack” from TikTok user Emily Arnold, who lives in the US.

In a video she shared on the social media platform that has since gone viral, Ms Arnold revealed that there is a very easy way to keep your bread fresher for longer, without the need for any additional clips to seal the bag.

The best part about it is the simplicity. You simply twist the top of the bread bag closed as you would normally, and then fold the open end over the top of the loaf.

This prevents air from getting into the bag and circulating, which is what will make your loaf go stale more quickly.

Since being posted, her TikTok video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times, with many people expressing surprise at how simple the trick is and wondering why they hadn’t also thought of the idea.

Now all you need is some ideas of what to put between your pieces of fresh and tasty sliced bread! Luckily chef Phil Vickery has some ideas and shared some of them on ITV’s This Morning.

He offered some tips for alternative toasties, including cheese, spinach and egg, as well as a banoffee toasty for those with a sweet tooth!

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