Lockdown Easing Crowds Hint At Busy Picnics Ahead

Lockdown Easing Crowds Hint At Busy Picnics Ahead

The first stage of easing lockdown has coincided with some wonderful spring weather, as Britain recorded its highest March temperature on 53 years. All this has meant it was a good time for a picnic.

Of course, some people got a bit carried away with this taste of freedom and sunshine after a grim winter locked down. But while this has led to some parks being closed in Nottingham, in many places people have been reasonably sensible and cautious.

With the rule of six now in place, there is certainly the opportunity for a picnic, even though the Easter bank holiday might be a bit chilly. That means more households will be making sandwiches for a visit to the park or at a nearby beauty spot.

For stores, now is a good time to increase the daily bread delivery, as demand for al fresco eating increases in the warmer weather and longer daylight hours. This may be particularly true before April 12th, as that is the earliest possible point at which the pubs can open and people can sit outside to eat there.

However, it is worth noting that the April opening will also make all sorts of other outings possible, for which sandwich-making skills will be in big demand.

A particularly exciting prospect for families will be the re-opening of zoos and theme parks. There will still be limitations on indoor mixing in these places, so while it will be possible to see Nellie the Elephant and Geoffrey the Giraffe, the cafes will not be open.

Come May, there may be a further opening if all is going well. That would provide the opportunity to see outdoor theatre and cinemas. Indeed, it may even be possible to make provisions for a day at county cricket matches, with the England and Wales Cricket Board looking for ways to get spectators in safely – even if that may involve the thorny issue of vaccine passports.

Of course, if all goes well the dream scenario is for all restrictions to be lifted in June. But by then it may be that a vast number of sandwiches have helped keep millions fed on improvised days out all over Britain.

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