M&S Makes Garlic Bread From Surplus Baguettes

M&S Makes Garlic Bread From Surplus Baguettes

Surplus unsold bread is to be given a second chance to feed hungry customers as garlic bread, thanks to an initiative set to roll out at Marks & Spencer food outlets.

The Mirror report that baguettes and boules loaves that had failed to sell at the end of trading at M&S stores will now be filled with garlic butter and given a 30-day shelf life, instead of being consigned to the bin, the retailer announced on 16 September.

This follows a trial in eight of the stores, and the scheme is now being rolled out to 200 M&S food stores. The garlic baguettes will be priced at £1 each or £1.80 for a twin pack, and £2 for garlic boules.

M&S Food’s director of technology, Paul Willgoss explained that while customers enjoy the freshness and quality of in-store bakery goods, it can be a challenge for food waste with their short shelf-life.

“While we’ve made great progress in better predicting daily bakery demand and accelerating our charity redistribution, we’ve been looking at how we can innovate our processes to ensure we continually prevent waste,” he said.

The retailer is also using 100 per cent recycled packaging for the products, which will be used in every item in M&S’s in-store bakery, as the company increases its efforts to make all of its packaging widely recycled by 2022.

The initiative is part of the company’s goal to cut food waste by half by 2020 and has been welcomed by David Moon, head of business collaboration at anti-waste charity WRAP. Bread is the second most wasted food item in the home, with approximately one million loaves being thrown away every day.

“As a short shelf-life item, bread can also become surplus at the end of trading. This initiative from M&S is a simple solution to a real problem that turns a surplus item into a brand-new product to be enjoyed anew, and stops food being wasted,” he said.

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