One Billion Loaves Of Bread Baked This Year

One Billion Loaves Of Bread Baked This Year

2020 has been a year filled with challenges and changes and a series of rather unexpected events, which according to one consumer report, led to one billion loaves of bread being made at home this year.

According to a report by Lakeland, 34 per cent of adults said they had baked bread at home, with over half of these new bakers (52 per cent) saying they would continue to do so.

The effects on the market in the early stages of the initial government lockdown were fascinating, with bread flour and yeast quickly running into short supply. This led to many wannabe bakers taking up sourdough starters and making a loaf completely from scratch.

One of the most wonderful aspects of bread for speciality bread suppliers is that there are so many recipes and variations, and the lack of bread flour and yeast did not stop people from baking bread, and according to the same study, just 3 per cent of people who made bread over the last six months would stop.

There were several other interesting results from the report as well, such as how the vast majority of home bakers were kneading and making sourdough themselves, with just 19 per cent of people relying on a bread machine.

What is most interesting here is that bread making was a habit initially taken up to pass time during a time when many more people stayed at home, but ended up becoming a passion that people fell in love with.

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