Simple Hack Keep Bread Fresher For Longer

Simple Hack Keep Bread Fresher For Longer

A mother-of-two has shared a simple hack to keep bread fresher for longer in a video on social media.

We waste 900,000 tonnes of bread every year in the UK, as it can be thrown away once it gets stale unless you have an ingenious use for stale bread beyond making breadcrumbs. It’s important to try and keep it fresher for longer to minimise waste.

Australian mum Carolina McCauley has shared her kitchen hack on Instagram, simply using an airtight plastic container.

Using a container the same size as the loaf, she inserts the whole packet of bread into the clear plastic container and sealed it with the lid on top.

She wrote on the Instagram post: “Use an airtight container with the whole bag inside. Keep it sealed and your fresh bread will last longer.”

She keeps the store-bought loaf inside the plastic bag for added convenience, wrapping the bag over the top of the container so that the edges of the bag can be pulled to gain easy access to the bread.

One commenter on the post said: “We need this, our bread is always off in like two days.”

The video of the hack that ensures bread doesn’t go stale too quick has now received over 24,000 likes from thousands of social media users.

Store-bought bread can last up to seven days if stored at room temperature while homemade bread often only lasts up to five days. 

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