Study Shows Humans ‘Domesticated’ Yeast

Study Shows Humans ‘Domesticated’ Yeast

Yes, you read that correctly. A new study released towards the end of 2020 revealed that humans domesticated yeast and that the organism has split into two distinct groups in baking circles as a result: the ones used in large-scale, industrial bread making and the others used in artisanal sourdough.

As The Scientist explained, for the uninitiated yeast is actually a fungus. The study, which was conducted at the Pacific Northwest Research Institute in the US, is the first to explore bread yeast domestication.

The research found that the yeast strains used for commercial bread making start to ferment more quickly. Meanwhile, those used for sourdough contain more copies of the gene that’s responsible for metabolising maltose, which is important as it helps to leaven the bread.

According to the researchers, both the yeasts used for industrial bread production and artisanal sourdough baking are distinct from yeast used to produce other food and drink products, such as beer and wine in that they start the fermentation process more quickly.

Delphine Sicard, co-author of the study, revealed that she is concerned industrial bread making could reduce the level of diversity found among yeast strains, however she added that the surge in interest in home baking could help.

“With this renewed interest in sourdough bread, we may be able to conserve more microbial diversity in the future, at least in the food chain. It’s tough to make bread and if we can, as scientists, add value to bakers’ work then that would be great,” she stated.

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As we noted recently, research conducted by Lakeland suggested that one billion loaves of bread were baked at home in 2020, with many people turning their hand to home baking during the lockdowns as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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