Survey Reveals UK’s Favourite Sandwich

Survey Reveals UK’s Favourite Sandwich

Fighting off fierce competition from other popular sandwich fillings, the humble bacon butty has been named the UK’s favourite, according to recent research.

The Dorset Echo reports that the study, conducted by food ordering app Foodhub, looked at the UK’s favourite sandwich fillings in celebration of World Sandwich Day on 3 November, which found that 20 per cent of Brits prefer bacon, closely followed by cheese with 18 per cent.

In third place was cheese and pickle with 15 per cent, and ham and cheese missing out on a podium spot in fourth place.

However, it is a return to form for the classic bacon butty, which was knocked off the top spot in 2020, beaten by the hamburger, causing controversy as thousands of social media users claimed that a burger does not class as a sandwich.

As for the bread part of the sandwich, the sliced load still reigns supreme. More than a quarter of survey respondents chose white sliced bread for their sandwiches, with a baguette grabbing second place with 26 per cent and wholegrain bread in third place with 22 per cent.

Mayonnaise was found to be the king of condiments with 48 per cent of respondents, knocking butter (24 per cent) off the top spot.

The humble sandwich remains the UK’s go-to lunch option, with 48 per cent enjoying a butty for lunch, with 28 per cent favouring soup, and jacket potatoes in third with 22 per cent.

A fifth of Brits claim they eat sandwiches daily, and one in 10 Londoners claim to eat more than one sandwich a day! The pandemic has also had an impact, with 21 per cent of respondents saying they eat more sandwiches now than they did a year ago, while only 12 per cent say they eat fewer sandwiches.


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