Sweet Baked Goods Trends For 2021

Sweet Baked Goods Trends For 2021

As the end of the lockdown finally comes into sight, British Baker magazine reports on how the pandemic has affected the sweet baked goods market, and makes some predictions for the year to come. The article notes that in such a rapidly changing consumer climate, it is impossible to make accurate forecasts, but there are some emerging trends.

As many people found extra time on their hands during lockdown, they turned to baking at home, which is believed to have affected sales of mass-produced cakes and sweet baked goods. Also, the social occasions where a plate of cup-cakes or a celebration cake would traditionally be served have been temporarily lost.

However, as the economy gradually starts to open up, it is thought that demand will bounce back. The article predicts that consumers will be eager for new and unexpected flavour combinations, contrasting textures, and luxurious flavours. In a survey, 77% of consumers indicated taste as their priority when choosing a cake, followed by price.

Sustainability was also a concern, with consumers looking for ethically sourced products and packaging. Modern brands should display a transparent process across the whole product lifecycle, from sustainably sourced and ‘clean’ ingredients, to packaging that is made from sustainable resources and is 100% recyclable.

Greater health awareness will not diminish people’s desire for sweet treats and comfort buys, but they will be open to low/reduced sugar options and greater nutritional value in products. For example, sweet baked goods containing fruit, seeds, and even vegetables are perceived as healthier options.

Traditional, freshly baked goods will be favoured over ultra-processed foods. 77% of survey respondents said they believed a cake could be both healthy and delicious, and were willing to try options with added fibre and sugar substitutes. 91% of consumers admitted to enjoying cakes and sweet baked goods, despite the growing awareness of healthier diets.

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