The Bread Of Love?

The Bread Of Love?

Sometimes it’s easy to take the bread we get in Britain for granted. A supply of products like Warburtons bread rolls can keep folk happily munching away, delighted that their sandwiches are encased in such great bread.

Not everyone feels that way, however. It seems some Americans regularly feel underwhelmed by their offerings, a point made very forcefully by one woman who found herself in baked dreamland when she visited Australia in those long-off days before Hotel Quarantine.

As the Daily Mail reports, the traveller wrote on article on Reddit titled:  “I ate bread in Australia and it ruined my life”. The article was penned two years ago, but came to light again after it was shared by a correspondent in Sydney this week.

The loaf in question didn’t wreck her marriage or siphon off her life savings, but it taught her just how delicious a great bread can be, something she couldn’t replicate back home.

She wrote: “Guys, I can’t live without that bread. Ever since I got back to America I’ve been in pursuit of a bread that can deliver just as well. But I’ve found nothing.”

Posing the question of whether she was “doomed” to live without her dream bread from which she had been parted since leaving the land Down Under, she criticised American bread as “small, thinly sliced,” and “not as fluffy”.

It gets worse for American bread, as the brand in question was Tip Top, which the Sydney writer said is nowhere near the best Aussie offering. Some responded by saying anyone who had hitherto lived on America’s bread would prefer anything made in Australia.

Having described her Antipodean bread experience as “ecstasy,” we can be pretty sure the disappointed traveller from the US would love British bread even more.

Even so, credit where credit is due: It’s not often a country with a reputation for being abrasive of tongue and misusing sandpaper gets praised for producing something so soft and fluffy.

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