The Most Creative Ways To Sell Bread

The Most Creative Ways To Sell Bread

As one of the most important staple foods in many diets, bread effectively sells itself to many people. For others, speciality bread suppliers can provide loaves made from almost any ingredient and with nearly any dietary requirement in mind.

However, that has not stopped bakers around the world from creating unique and imaginative ways to sell baked goods. Here are some of the most unique.


Selling Low Carb Bread Buns With Killer Abs

Sometimes, people make simple swaps with the bread they eat because they have specific look in mind, and with that in mind Wu Pao Chun bakery in Taiwan created a box filled not only with bread buns but with aspiration.

The box has a peephole shaped like someone who has pulled their shirt up to showcase their rock hard bun-shaped abs, and it is a truly inspired piece of marketing.


Selling Bread Shaped Like An Adored Pet

Japan adores bread, and it adores cats, and thus it did not take long for an inspired sweets baker to put the two together to create Neko Neko Shokupa (Cat Cat Bread).

A milk, honey and butter loaf shaped like a cartoonish cat, it was so popular that entire bakeries were dedicated to making it.


Creating A Bread Scanner So Smart It Could Detect Cancer

In Japan, bread is big business, and in 2007 it was discovered that open bread and more varieties of bread were more popular to customers. This caused a problem at checkout, as you can’t stick a barcode onto a loaf of bread.

The solution, naturally, involved the creation of a machine-learning bread detection scanner called BakeryScan that was a decade ahead of its time and could scan for shape, identify every unique pastry and provide the correct price, with no delays or barcodes.

It was so ahead of its time, that a decade after its initial release, doctors in Kyoto commissioned the designers of BakeryScan to create a variant system that could help diagnose cancer.

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