UK Consumers Buy 130 Million Slices Of Bread A Day

UK Consumers Buy 130 Million Slices Of Bread A Day

New figures released by UK Flour Millers reveal that 99.8% of households in the UK buy bread, amounting to an astonishing 130 million slices per day. Alarmingly for the nation’s oral health, this is a larger percentage than for those households who buy toothpaste, British Baker reports.

Besides bread, UK consumers buy daily five million packets of biscuits, 4.5 million cakes, and two million pizzas. All of the flour used in these products is milled in the UK, according to the article. This amounts to the production of 4.5 million tonnes of flour a year, which is milled from 5.6 million tonnes of wheat.

Most of us probably don’t give much thought to where our baked goods originate from, despite the fact that 30% of all grocery store products contain flour. When conjuring up a mental image of a flour mill, we might automatically think of quaint windmills on the Norfolk Broads, or water mills by tranquil lakes.

However, flour milling in the UK is actually a technologically advanced process, and is one of the most competitive and efficient milling industries in the world. There are about 50 mills across the UK, who are the survivors of fast-paced development within the industry. They employ cutting-edge technology to allow them to operate 365 days a year.

Sunil Kassim, site manager for ADM Milling UK, says: “Modern-day millers have the advantage of state-of-the-art technology, helping the mill to operate at the highest level of human health and safety, food safety, and process and energy efficiency levels with low wastage and downtime. This assists in achieving consistently high-quality results.”

The industry has also made significant improvements with health and safety in recent years, with rigorous risk assessments to remove hazardous material, and the in-house and independent monitoring of residues of pesticides and other agricultural contaminants.

The end products are also thoroughly tested for quality parameters of protein, water absorption, moisture, and bran levels, so it is in an optimal state when it reaches the consumer.


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