Viral Video Shows How You Can Make Vegan Bacon From Bread

Viral Video Shows How You Can Make Vegan Bacon From Bread

Bread is one of the most versatile staple foods out there, and speciality bread suppliers have been a core part of feeding the nation since the dawn of baking.

However, whilst bread is a core part of a bacon sandwich, some enterprising chefs have actually made vegan bacon out of bread itself.

Whilst this evokes the idea of the dreaded Victorian Toast Sandwich, vegan bacon is more flavourful and far tastier.

In a video on TikTok that went viral, user RJ The Magician provided a tutorial for creating vegan bacon by flattening a small strip of bread, creating a marinade out of garlic powder, soy sauce, Tabasco sauce, liquid smoke and a range of other syrups and spices.

Once it soaks in, fry it in oil and it will resemble a flat strip of bacon. Lay it between three forks and it will have a wavy appearance that looks like a bacon strip, ready for breakfast.

Not long after this, a cooking YouTuber, Sauce Stache, tested out the principle and added a starch slurry to make the texture more varied.

The end product is a crispy, smoky bacon substitute that is perfect to add to dishes, serve on soft bread or toast for breakfast or even just eat in strips.

Bacon is one of the more difficult vegan foods to make due to the thick texture, and tofu and tempeh have been used as well as seitan as a bacon alternative.

However, due to the ease at which this bread bacon can be made and the availability of the ingredients and spices, bread bacon has gone viral.

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