Walkers Launch Crisp Sandwich Recipe Book

Walkers Launch Crisp Sandwich Recipe Book

It is likely to be exciting news for everyone that crisp manufacturers Walkers have teamed up with the founder of Max’s Sandwich Shop and sandwich genius Max Halley to release a recipe book completely devoted to crisp sandwiches.

The Leicester Mercury reports that The Little Book of Crisp Sandwich Recipes by Walkers and Max Halley celebrates the ‘fine art of putting crisps on a sandwich’, and insists that ‘there isn’t a sandwich that can’t be jazzed up with a crunchy crisp’. The book includes 20 new recipes from ‘sandwich whisperer’ Max, including some wild and wacky sandwich filling ideas.

How about the Millionaire’s Breakfast sandwich, which comprises boiled eggs on granary bread with soured cream, chive flavoured crisps, and an optional dash of caviar on top.

Or perhaps you want to add bacon flavoured crisps to a bacon butty, or a Prawn Mayo baguette with prawn cocktail crisps, or a tuna mayo with ready salted?

For a triple carb delight, then the Chip Butty – bread, chips, and salt and vinegar crisps – is a must-try!

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of the books, you’re sadly out of luck as it’s not for sale, but you can get your hands on a limited edition copy by tweeting #crispWIN and your favourite crisp sandwich combo to @walkers_crisps. You can also find all the crisp sandwich recipes on Walkers.co.uk/recipes.

Max Halley said: “The ‘Crisp Sandwich’ features in my most distant memories of food. When my sister and I were little, our Mum used to butter pieces of sliced white, take a few crisps from the bowl her [sic] and my Dad were sharing, fold the bread over them and present us with these mysterious items to eat. A lifelong love affair began.”


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