What Is Britain’s Favourite Sandwich?

What Is Britain’s Favourite Sandwich?

The British are well known for their partiality to a sandwich. According to British Sandwich Week, over 3bn are sold at retail or catering outlets each year, adding up to a total of £8bn. This is in addition to the hundreds of creative ways we chose to prepare this ever-popular portable snack at home.

The name sandwich arose from the possibly apocryphal story of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, ordering meat served between two slices of bread for lunch in 1762. It is said that Montagu wanted a snack that he could eat easily with his hands, in order not to interrupt his gambling, and his friends began to follow suit!

Despite these humble beginnings, today even the Queen enjoys a sandwich as part of a healthy balanced diet, according to a recent report in Brinkwire. Sadly, the article doesn’t expand on her favourite fillings, although it does reveal she enjoys them served with tea and scones.

A survey earlier this year, reported in British Baker, revealed that in an analysis of internet traffic, chicken was the most popular ingredient, with over 2bn posts, views, or searches. In second favourite place was the breakfast sandwich, which is an indulgent combination of eggs, bacon, sausages, and cheese.

There are no surprises in the rest of the top five, which includes egg, ham, and cheese. Despite the enduring popularity of the snack, sales have been hit hard by the pandemic, according to the British Sandwich Association. With vastly reduced numbers of commuters and office workers requiring a takeaway lunch to eat on the go, demand plummeted.

However, sales are now slowly growing once more as more people return to the office, and shoppers return to the streets. Going forward, the industry may become more focused on home-order services, or even frozen sandwiches.


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