What Is The Biggest Load Of Bread Ever Made?

What Is The Biggest Load Of Bread Ever Made?

One of the greatest aspects of bread for speciality bread suppliers is that a loaf can be as large or as small as you want it to be, and can be custom baked to fit every taste and need possible.

However, there is a fascination with the sheer scale of baked achievements, and so with that in mind, ambitious bakers have set out to make the biggest loaf of bread ever made.

The problem with determining this, however, is how you measure size, so with that in mind, here are the biggest loaves of bread ever made according to a range of different metrics.


The Largest Loaf By Weight

Measured by weight, the largest loaf of bread ever made was made by Brazilian baker Joaquim Gonçalves in November 2008.

The loaf, baked to celebrate Guinness World Records Day, weighed over 1500kg on completion, baked in a special tray that created a snaking loaf.


The Largest Loaf by Length

The record for the longest loaf of bread, however, was set three years earlier and on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean by a team of bakers based in Vagos Portugal.

The smoked port sausage loaf took nearly 60 hours to bake and was over 1200m in length, 4000 times the length of an average loaf.


Largest Pan Loaf Ever Made

Before Joaquim Gonçalves baked his record-breaking loaf, the largest bread of any kind was a pan loaf (the most common type sold in the UK) that weighed in at 1430kg and was baked at Sasko bakery in Johannesburg, South Africa in March 1988.

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