What Is The Queen’s Favourite Sandwich?

What Is The Queen’s Favourite Sandwich?

The country is gearing up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in a couple of weeks’ time, with many people expected to throw street parties and attend summer fairs to celebrate. Something you must tuck into to help the monarch celebrate her 70 years on the throne is a good old sandwich though, as Queen Elizabeth II is said to be a big fan of the simple dish.

According to chef Darren McGrady, who has cooked for the royal family for 15 years, the Queen has three particular fillings that she loves in a sandwich, the Express reported.

One of these is a classic tomato sandwich, with McGrady revealing in a YouTube video: “The Queen was served jam pennies in the nursery as a little girl, she’s had them for afternoon tea ever since.”

He told viewers to cut a tomato sandwich into two bite-sized pieces to enjoy it the way Her Royal Highness does.

She is also a fan of refreshing cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, which is a must-have at an afternoon tea party.

“Peel [the flesh] with a potato peeler, down to the seeds and then turned over, and do the same again on the other side. Cream cheese with a hint of fresh spearmint folded in spread thinly on both sides and then a layer of the cucumber,” he advised.

Again, the crusts are removed, and the bread is divided into “tiny two bite sandwiches”.

Lastly, a very simple jam sandwich is something the Queen cannot live without, made with strawberry jam from Balmoral Castle’s Scottish strawberries.

For a royal touch, use a circular cutter to make these ‘jam pennies’ out of the sandwich.


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