What The Irish Supreme Court Bread Judgement Means

What The Irish Supreme Court Bread Judgement Means

The meaning of bread has entered the courtroom, and the result of a landmark case in Ireland says a surprising amount for what it means to be bread and what a major ruling can mean for everyone involved.

The result comes after over a decade of litigation between Brookfinders Ltd., an Irish franchisee of Subway, and the Irish Supreme Court, and the resulting decision has led to a lot of questions in the wholesale bread delivery world. If it looks like bread, smells like bread and tastes like bread, how is it not bread?

The answer lies primarily in the reason why the lawsuit was brought about. In Irish law, there is a provision that states that “staple foods” are subject to zero per cent tax as opposed to “discretionary indulgencies”, which include confectionery and most baked goods.

As a result, Brookfinders believed that they should get their taxes back, given they paid 9.2 per cent tax as a composite good.

The main complication here is that bread, and other staple foods are specifically defined in that act as consisting of flour and the other main ingredients for baking bread. Fat and sugar could only consist of at most 2 per cent of the weight of the flour used to make the dough.

Subway’s bread at the time the first case was filed was over five times that upper limit, making it more of a cake than bread in the eyes of Irish law.

This may be surprising given that it does not taste as sugary as it is, but it is likely the case because a lot of bread products made in the United States contain added sugar and as Subway is an American company its main recipes are designed with their home nation in mind.

In any case, as sugar has many addictive properties and is a cause of tooth decay and several other issues, it should be avoided.

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