When Did Bread Become A Staple Food?

When Did Bread Become A Staple Food?

Bread is a universal staple food, and whilst there are so many different types and recipes to make it, is a foodstuff that has fed nearly every person on earth.

Throughout most of the world, bread has been a fundamental part of people’s diets for millennia, to the point that it is used as a symbolic basic necessity.

Even as early as Ancient Rome this was commented on, with the poet Juvenal satirically noting how people simply want “panem et circenses“, or ‘bread and circuses’.

The history of bread from wild grains to wholesale bread delivery is one that winds its way through the history of civilisation itself.



The First-Ever Bread

The date of the first-ever bread ever made is a matter of historical debate, but there are at least two potential dates, either over 10,000 years ago or around 30,000 years ago.

The longer date comes from the discovery of grinding stones in Italy, the Czech Republic and Russia, which contain evidence of ferns and cattails being ground up, suggesting they were turned into flour and baked into a flatbread.

There is also a similarly timed discovery in ancient Australia, which may suggest that early homo sapiens were in fact as much bread eaters as meat-eaters.

Whilst there is some room for debate as no evidence of bread this ancient have ever been found, flatbread crumbs dated over 14,000 years ago have been found in Jordan’s Black Desert.

Both of these discoveries used wild wheat, barley and plant roots, but by 9,000 years ago wheat had become domesticated and the age of hunter-gathers had been replaced with the age of agriculture, bringing with it the birth of civilisations

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