When Was The First Pizza Invented?

When Was The First Pizza Invented?

Whilst the modern pizza bread was invented in Naples when tomato and cheese were added to traditional Neopolitan flatbreads at some point in the 18th century the concept of adding toppings to flatbreads has existed far longer.

Adding toppings, spices and unique ingredients to bread to improve their taste has existed for thousands of years, and speciality bread suppliers have been providing these unique tastes for nearly as long. Italian breadmaking itself has existed for over 7,000 years.

Here are some of the first pizzas ever baked.


Persian Flatbreads

In Ancient Persia, around the 6th Century BC, soldiers who served under King of Kings Darius I (known as Darius the Great) would wield big, heavy round metal shields, and when not in battle, these soldiers would often bake flatbreads on them.

Some of these were plain, but since soldiers often ate pretty unappetising rations, they would also treat themselves when they could to dates and cheese, which were both baked on top of the flatbreads and served as a great morale booster.


The Tables Of Virgil

One of the first examples of a pizza in fiction came from the Aeneid, Virgil’s epic poem about Aeneas’s travels from Troy to Italy and then the war which would lead to the formation of Rome.

One, somewhat confusing line was spoken by the Harpy queen Celaeno, who proclaimed that the Trojans would never find peace until they ended up so hungry they had to eat their tables.

Much later on, Aeneas and his soldiers are served an early pizza consisting of a flat round cake topped with vegetables and realise that they did not mean actual wooden tables but these table-sized discs.

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