Who Invented The Bread Machine?

Who Invented The Bread Machine?

The history of bread is as long, as diverse and as fascinating as the history of man itself, with grinding stones used to turn grains into flour suggesting that breadmaking could have started over 30,000 years ago.

Over those many thousands of years, a range of different techniques and methods were developed to help make the whole process easier, more consistent and the end product taste better, leading to the high quality of products provided by speciality bread suppliers.

One of the biggest inventions in this regard is the bread machine, or bread maker, which automates the various complex processes of breadmaking, including kneading, resting, proofing and finally baking.

The very first bread-making machine was invented by pioneering inventor Joseph Lee, who after working for many years as a chef and restaurateur, wanted to create a process for making more uniform bread without the effort that came from hand kneading.

He would receive a patent for his invention in 1884, as well as an invention that automates the process of making breadcrumbs from stale bread. The core principles of his machine, albeit with some refinement, are still used to this day in the baking industry.

However, it would take another century for technology to improve to the point that the automated precision of industrial breadmaking could arrive in the home, and the origins of the idea emerged n a country that loves bread so much one of the most widely used AI systems in the country is designed solely to detect different types of bread.

The Matsushita Electric Industrial Company (now known as Panasonic), assigned project engineers for a year, headed by software developer Ikuko Tanaka to find a way to develop an all-in-one breadmaking solution.

Mr Tanaka trained with Osaka International Hotel’s head baker to work out the best way to knead bread, and the result of this was the development of kneading ribs within the machine.

In the end, the Raku Raku Pan Da was released in Japan in 1987, and it would become a worldwide sensation within a decade.

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