Why A Bread And Cheese Combination Is The Special One

Why A Bread And Cheese Combination Is The Special One

Bread and cheese are two kinds of food that have been with us for thousands of years – and combining the two remains a popular move today.

Indeed, store owners receiving their latest wholesale bread delivery may be musing on this fact after one of the world’s greatest talkers referenced the two culinary staples at the weekend.

When not being a football coach, Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho is clearly a professional entertainer, keeping the press and their readers amused with a range of great contributions to everyday language. Having previously declared himself “the special one”, he is also credited with the term “park the bus” for a team with an ultra-defensive approach.

His latest quip was the Portuguese saying: “Bread is bread and cheese is cheese”, spoken in the aftermath of the 3-1 defeat by Manchester United in response to a suggestion by his opposite number Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that if his son dived the way one of the Tottenham players did, he wouldn’t get fed for a week.

Mourinho insisted his own offspring would still get fed no matter how they had behaved, but the meaning of the phrase itself is interesting. According to the I, it is the lusophone equivalent of ‘calling a spade a spade’.

The problem with this, of course, is nobody – least of all Solskjaer Jr – wants to be presented with a spade when it is time for supper. Far better, one might suggest, to sit down and eat some bread and cheese at Jose’s place.

Indeed, few things may be nicer than a melted cheese, such as a baked Camembert, with bread. During his own time managing Manchester United Mourinho resided in a hotel near to a Catalan deli selling Portuguese cheese, so perhaps he had his own version.

Of course, not everyone likes pairing cheese with bread. Solskjaer’s former United team-mate Roy Keane once railed at the provision of cheese sandwiches for the Ireland team before a big match, admittedly not the ideal diet before a World Cup qualifier against Holland – even if the Dutch are great cheesemakers themselves.

Then again, given his previous comments about prawn sandwiches, maybe Keane just doesn’t like combining his bread with anything.

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