Why Does The End Slice Of A Loaf Of Bread Have So Many Names?

Why Does The End Slice Of A Loaf Of Bread Have So Many Names?

There are certain bread-related questions that are destined to end in exceptionally long arguments.

What is a bread bun called? What do you call it when you order a portion of chips in a bread bun? What is the final slice on the end of a loaf of bread called?

Because bread is one of humanity’s earliest inventions and there are thousands of different traditions revolving around the humble loaf, these questions often have very different answers, even between different speciality bread suppliers.

This is the reason why whenever people ask about the final piece of a loaf of bread, they get a fierce and very personal debate in return.

Aside from the end piece, one of the most common names is the ‘heel’, named after the heel of the foot which due to the somewhat rounded end of the final slice, fits the description somewhat well.

This name even translates into other languages, with ‘skalk’ being occasionally used in Norway for the same reasons.

Another, similarly body-related response was the rump, which was commonly used in the United States and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, in Wales and Australia, the most common name for the end piece is the Crust”, because it is a slice made primarily of what we would typically call the crust.

There are some other unique traditional names as well such as the term “patka” in the Czech Republic, which translates to strap or flap in English and reflects how the thicker endpiece works to protect the rest of the bread from damage.

In Scotland and some parts of Northern England, it is sometimes called the “doorstep”, although that can also be used to mean a particularly thick piece of crusty bread in general, often being served with a thick, homemade soup.

Ultimately, as long as people enjoy eating bread, the name they use for its constituent parts do not matter as much as ensuring they enjoy high-quality loaves.

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