World Record Ice Cream Sandwich Made

World Record Ice Cream Sandwich Made

For many retailers, a daily bread delivery is a prelude to some great meals and snacks that will be consumed once the customers have come in and got their hands on it.

It might be a lovely piece of buttered toast, or toast topped with a gooey, soft-boiled egg. It could be a tasty bread pudding with lots of butter and raisins. It may be a delicious sandwich filled with crisp lettuce, smoked salmon or a cheesy spread. The mere thought of such things will get many people drooling.

At this time of year, an ice cream sandwich is not likely to make the shortlist for many people.  However, when a place in the record books is at stake and there is a charitable cause to be promoted, this unseasonal treat just had to be made.

The ice cream sandwich in question was created in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, by staff at a HY-Vee store. Made as part of an initiative that will see the firm donating five million meals over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday season, the sandwich weighed 3,000 pounds, beating the previous largest recorded in the Guinness World Records, a mere 2,500 pounds.

It was donated to a local food bank, with district Vice President of the store chain’s west region, Jeff Quandt, commenting: “We hope this record-breaking ice cream sandwich draws attention to the cause, as well as helps local food banks who are assisting those in need.”

While many people would rather go for something a bit warmer with their bread in October – a steaming bowl of soup, for example – it is unlikely anyone said no to the tasty treat coming their way in Plattsmouth.

Bread features in a number of Guinness World Records, including the largest loaf ever baked. This particular record was set in 2008 when Brazilian baker Joaquin Golcalves produced a 1,571 kg loaf.

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